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class: infiltrator
pre-service history: earthborn
psychological profile: sole survivor
fem!Shep romance: thane, (unrequited) joker + samara
man!Shep romance: jack, kaidan, miranda
ME1 team: ashley, garrus, wrex
ME2 team: kasumi, jack, mordin, legion, miranda
ME3 team: james vega, liara, javik
NPC: the illusive man
planet: illium
alien race: asari
game: mass effect 2!!
morality: renegon
DLC: stolen memory (kasumi)
mission: the ardat-yakshi (samara)

Orbiting Mnemosyne is a two-kilometer-long ship with the unmistakable profile of a Reaper. It is giving off power signatures in localized areas, but they are far weaker than a ship this size would indicate. The Reaper seems to maintain a mass effect field that has kept it from falling into the failed star, but massive holes have been blasted and melted into parts of the hull and remain unrepaired. The only logical conclusion is that the Reaper “died” or was at least reduced to minimal functioning a long time ago.

mass effect 3 space

The Art of Mass Effect 1 - Matriarch Benezia


Quarians are creeping their way into my color exercises and I am okay with that.

Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Just another regular day at the BioWare boards. Why does everyone want a female turian?