Mass Effect 30 Day Challenge
Day Twenty-One: Favorite piece of music?
→ “An End, Once And For All” (Extended Cut) [♪]


datapad replied to your post: AU where Kaidan meets Star Child in the end and has to choose between Shepards.

The more I think about it, the more depressing it gets

Okay, which Shepard is behind which door. Let’s play this like blind date.

Door Number One: Pre-Alliance Soldier Shepard with a lot to learn about combat  skills and leadership. A major flirt, but a good kisser. Their idea of a romantic evening involves chucking empty beer bottles over English Bay.

Door Number Two: Cerberus Shepard. An excellent commander, motivational speaker and soldier down to a T, but loyal to advancing human dominance over the galaxy. Favorite hangout spot: Apollo’s Cafe.

Door Number Three: Synthesis.

Why are people complaining exactly?



Mass Effect: No matter what you do or who lives or dies, the ending boils down to two choices: Save the council, or let the council die. The story after progresses more or less the same no matter what choice is made.
Mass Effect 2: No matter what you do or who lives or dies, the ending also boils down to two choices: Destroy the Collector Base or give it to the Illusive Man. Story progresses basically the same, regardless of your choice.
Mass Effect 3: No matter what you do or who lives or dies, you get THREE choices; if nothing else that’s at least one more choice than you got in the other games.

someone else posted this picture in response but I couldn’t find it

also: none of those decisions were end game and the only thing connecting them is that they happened at the end of that particular game

but the ending of ME3 was the ending for the series

and it was unsatisfying and BS

up until that point I had been defining my Shepard and those endings reflected my Shepard or the sixteen endings that we were promised

Lawl, couldn’t be bothered with reboobing txt reasons so I just slapped that together because I like pictures. They’re straight to the point. :]

And really, I can do without complaining about ME3’s ending. It’s still a fantastic game but it was much more important to me to have multiple interactions and epic heroic moments with my favorite characters in ME2 [Jack, Thane, Samara, etc]. I was under the impression that they would have important roles and responsibilities to carry in ME3 [Jack was redesigned and she had a history with Cerberus ffs, come on!], so I didn’t appreciate how I had to find out for myself who were BioWare’s least/most favorite in the ME-verse by number of appearance. 

Again, ME3’s great. But my Shepards were very lonely in the Normandy without their colorful elites. :/

the wonderful anon who’s currently filling this lovely m!shep/kaidan prompt is a beautiful view