Jack | x | Scars

You know, I think a lot of people look at Jack, and all they see are her tats, her makeup, and her hair (Or in her Mass Effect 2 appearance’s case, her lack thereof). They think she’s just some psychotic bitch that’s done too many drugs in her life, or is just addicted to killing.

None of them realize what Cerberus did to her, what other people did to her even once she escaped. 

They don’t realize that under that inked from head-to-toe, barely clad skin, is just a young girl who was torn away from her parents and used as a fucking lab rat her entire childhood, to finally escape one day, only to be taken, used, and abused some more.

A lot of people don’t like to notice the scars.

Subject Zero

Mass Effect 2 | Kasumi Goto