So Bioware released Platinum difficulty today and me and few friends of mine decided to see just how evil it was. Now note that at least three of us are Silver regulars who on occasion will touch Gold. We’re not really that high up there yet on skill. 

We decided to see how difficult it was through the Geth Farming map as we thought that be a good starting point. We managed to finish and get a full Extraction on the second try.

Even if it was “the farming map”, we were all pretty happy to actually get through a Platinum. We’ll probably never touch it again until we can walk on water through Gold XD. I honestly had a lot of fun doing it though, ngl.

Oh wow, congratulations!  My team and I couldn’t make it past Wave 9 on Firebase Rio and I could honestly use some tips on how to complete Platinum. Started equipping my Infiltrators with long + short range weapons for the first time ever and I think that helped a bit ;_;